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introducing myself

I feel like the geek on those tv shows that's allergic to everything and has an inhaler all the time.

I just found out at the beginning of the year by taking allergy shots that I'm allergic to practically everything.
Every tree, grass, wheat, weeds.
9 out of 10 molds
every animal except: dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, and horses.

Which led us to move out of our moldy apt into a beautiful loft with hard wood floors.
I take xzyal and i love it except for the insane price on it w/insurance and I was going wkly for shots.. I missed a month and i'm so paying for it.

I have a cat I'm super allergic to him. But I don't care and I'm getting another one.
I follow the rules as much as possible  100% cotton &  alternative down blankets and all those allergy covers.

And bc my nose IS SUPER sensitive to any nasal spray - i really recommend AYR !

Who else is a geek like me??

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