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Severe eye allergies PLEASE HELP!!!

So I live in Austin, TX and have terrible allergies (particularly with the fall ragweed).  Anyway, I'm having chronic symptoms with my eyes itching since Sept. 2008.  I'm taking Clarinex-D 24, Patanol eye drops, veramyst, genteal eye lubricant, elidel, acidophilus supplements and cod liver oil supplements.  This is after seeing my allergist half a dozen times and getting cortisone shots in Sept '08, Dec. '08 and Mar. '09.  I usually get a shot of kenalog, but the manufacturer was shut down by the FDA for non-compliance with their manufacturing facility.  So last month I went and the doctor gave me substitute that lasted 5 days instead of the 4 - 5 weeks with kenalog.  I went back and got a shot of methylprednisone and this time it's effectiveness wore off in 14 days.  I've also seen my primary care physician, an opthomalogist, an acupuncturist and I have an appt with a dermatologist next week.  I'm even seeing a therapist to see if the problem is in my head.  My eyes are constantly itching and they are red and irritated to the point of not wanting to look at myself in the mirror.  I've been wearing sunglasses all the time to cover them up.  I have the ability to resist itching during the daytime, but I can't stop scratching them in the evenings when I'm sleeping.  My girlfriend wakes up in the middle of the night because I'm scratching them so bad.  I've tried wearing and eyemask and covering my hands with socks, but I either take them off when I'm sleeping or just scratch them on.

Can anyone give me any ideas as to what is going on?  At the very least I need some suggestions on restraining my hands when I sleep because gloves / socks do not work.
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