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Allergies Are The Issue: A Life Long Struggle With Malar Festoons

Hello to who ever is reading!

I am 24 years old and I have been tragically dealing painful sinus problems for 3 years. I have gone from doctor to doctor who tells me that I have no allergies; yet I am constantly dealing with water retention in my face, swollen or puffy eyes, headaches, dry eyes, among other sinus related issues. I have also struggled with IBS, which I have slowly learned is related to my sinus issues. For the past 6 months my issues have advanced and symptoms have worsened, so after being let down by all Western Doctors, I decided to heal myself with food and rest--the old fashioned way. I cut out all Mycotoxic foods- these are foods that have the potential for mold growth and are "universally contaminated" by specific fungii. These Mycotoxins are irritating to all areas of the body, specifically the digestive tract and the sinuses. Of course the cardiovascular and nervous systems can be effected as well, but usually these are not the first signs.

My reaction had reached the point of joint and chest pain, and after the doctor's detected a new heart murmur, I began to have nervous system issues and increasing anxiety. Doctor's still left me no answer and prescribed me antibiotics to cure whatever lingering bacteria they said was inside of me--BLINDLY prescribing, might I add, which worsened my symptoms, and killed off all of what was left of healthy bacteria in my gut. After too much money spent, I found out about Mycotoxins and researched which foods they live on... and so I cut them completely out and VOILA. All of my issues went away within a month. It only took me 1 month of suffering through this new, seemingly treacherous diet, before my body adjusted and living off of all fresh, organic vegetables and probiotics ceased to phase me.

I comment here now in response because I have noticed the small beginnings of festoons on my upper cheek bone that came and went with these sinus and food related problems. I have narrowed down to these causes, and wanted to share with you. Furthermore, let me disclaim that we are all prone to relapsing and reverting to old ways and comfort zones. And with that being said, I stupidly thought that maybe it was a coincidence that my issues resolved, so I relaxed the diet quite a bit over the holidays bringing myself back to constant sinus pain. I have now guaranteed that the food is the problem. And when I say food, I specifically mean Mycotoxins that live on wheat, barley, hard cheeses, alcohol, among a few others I will include in a link at the end.

This common issue is a very difficult one to heal. It is not cosmetic. Please do not let your doctors tell you that surgery is the answer! The festoons will regrow in a matter of months post-surgery if the root of the problem is not addressed. It is not only genetic like they might say. Post-surgery, the imposed upon skin will never have the same elasticity. The best thing to do is evaluate your situation thoroughly and see what your body is asking for.

Here is a link I have found with a list of Mycotoxic foods. There is plenty of information about them online, and a simply google search can lead you to many other informative pages! Keep in mind that the United States has in issue with Mycotoxins and they have been around since the 1960's in much of what we eat. It is only so long before we all develop an illness do to the poisoning of our body and minds.

I hope this will help in any way.
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