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Allergy Sufferers

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Looking for advice [04 May 2015|12:20pm]
Hi, I am a long time allergy sufferer. Last 3 years it has been horrid. Twinges of pain throughout head, sinus pressure, tightness in chest, just an overall lousy feeling. I have no idea what is causing these allergy issues I don't even know where to begin to find out. I am not sure if this is relevant but I have gained a lot of weight the last 3 1/2 years. Been off an on with adipex with no results, could not control my hunger. I have been to PCP every month since November for sinus inf/allergies and she once again wrote a prescription for antibiotics but I finally asked her for a preventative medicine. She prescribed Singulair. So, out of my daily regiment of medicines for this and that, keep in mind Singulair is the only change.
Since I have begun taking the singulair my overall mood is better. I feel better physically and it seems my hunger is controlled. I suppose what I am curious about is if the sinus/allergy problem can contribute to moodiness, body aches and weight gain/problems... Is there anybody out there that has had any similar situations or can possible help me to figure this mystery out.
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Allergies Are The Issue: A Life Long Struggle With Malar Festoons [11 Feb 2015|02:10pm]

[ mood | Light ]

Hello to who ever is reading!

I am 24 years old and I have been tragically dealing painful sinus problems for 3 years. I have gone from doctor to doctor who tells me that I have no allergies; yet I am constantly dealing with water retention in my face, swollen or puffy eyes, headaches, dry eyes, among other sinus related issues. I have also struggled with IBS, which I have slowly learned is related to my sinus issues. For the past 6 months my issues have advanced and symptoms have worsened, so after being let down by all Western Doctors, I decided to heal myself with food and rest--the old fashioned way. I cut out all Mycotoxic foods- these are foods that have the potential for mold growth and are "universally contaminated" by specific fungii. These Mycotoxins are irritating to all areas of the body, specifically the digestive tract and the sinuses. Of course the cardiovascular and nervous systems can be effected as well, but usually these are not the first signs.

My reaction had reached the point of joint and chest pain, and after the doctor's detected a new heart murmur, I began to have nervous system issues and increasing anxiety. Doctor's still left me no answer and prescribed me antibiotics to cure whatever lingering bacteria they said was inside of me--BLINDLY prescribing, might I add, which worsened my symptoms, and killed off all of what was left of healthy bacteria in my gut. After too much money spent, I found out about Mycotoxins and researched which foods they live on... and so I cut them completely out and VOILA. All of my issues went away within a month. It only took me 1 month of suffering through this new, seemingly treacherous diet, before my body adjusted and living off of all fresh, organic vegetables and probiotics ceased to phase me.

I comment here now in response because I have noticed the small beginnings of festoons on my upper cheek bone that came and went with these sinus and food related problems. I have narrowed down to these causes, and wanted to share with you. Furthermore, let me disclaim that we are all prone to relapsing and reverting to old ways and comfort zones. And with that being said, I stupidly thought that maybe it was a coincidence that my issues resolved, so I relaxed the diet quite a bit over the holidays bringing myself back to constant sinus pain. I have now guaranteed that the food is the problem. And when I say food, I specifically mean Mycotoxins that live on wheat, barley, hard cheeses, alcohol, among a few others I will include in a link at the end.

This common issue is a very difficult one to heal. It is not cosmetic. Please do not let your doctors tell you that surgery is the answer! The festoons will regrow in a matter of months post-surgery if the root of the problem is not addressed. It is not only genetic like they might say. Post-surgery, the imposed upon skin will never have the same elasticity. The best thing to do is evaluate your situation thoroughly and see what your body is asking for.

Here is a link I have found with a list of Mycotoxic foods. There is plenty of information about them online, and a simply google search can lead you to many other informative pages! Keep in mind that the United States has in issue with Mycotoxins and they have been around since the 1960's in much of what we eat. It is only so long before we all develop an illness do to the poisoning of our body and minds.


I hope this will help in any way.

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New Facebook group [15 Feb 2014|06:36pm]

Due to the lack of groups for adults with allergies I could locate, myself and a friend on Facebook set one up:


Feel free to come and join. :) It's a closed group, so posts within the group do not get posted to your Facebook timeline or news feed (although people can see that you're a member of the group).

Cross-posted to food_allergies.
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suffering from allergies [23 Jul 2012|12:51pm]

[ mood | sick ]

I have all year round allergies as well as asthma. Normally my asthma only bothers me during heavy allergy season and sometimes when I'm sick. 

Well this heavy allergy season is for the birds!

I got put on singulair to help my breathing and allergies. loved it. 1st allergy medicine to work. Also was given xyzel. Did nothing. In between I still took benadryl.

I have this problem where my face swells up - mostly my lips.  

My doctor (allergist) put me on its brother pill accolate because it is supposed to help people who swell.  Well now my swelling has reduced.

We ruled out every food allergy possible.  I am at a loss. 

Right now I predict it is the medicine. Because I don't believe I actually had the swelling until I started taking the first pill. 

Did this happen to anyone?
I don't know what else I can take for my allergies. They are kicking my butt.

I don't know if the allergy shot would be the right option for me... does anyone know how safe it is in case I would get pregnant?

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Food allergy elimination diet? [23 Jul 2011|09:11pm]

I figured out this morning that I'm allergic to oats. I've been having problems breathing for two weeks, went to the hospital and my PCP and they could find nothing wrong with me. Every day from the time I started having breathing problems, I'd been eating oatmeal for breakfast. Yesterday and the day before, I skipped it... and yesterday I started feeling better! Yay! I woke up feeling fine this morning... then ate a bowl of oatmeal. Uhhh, not so fine anymore.

I have a lot of suspected allergies and intolerances. Gluten and refined sugar are among them, and I wonder what else is giving me issues. I'd like to start an elimination diet to pinpoint what I'm having problems with-- I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, IBS, and several other wonderful things, and I wonder how much of that is aggravated by food allergies. I'd like to go to a doctor as a starting point, but my medical is charity-based (I have no private insurance and do not qualify for state aid) and therefore my treatment is extremely limited.

Unfortunately, while researching elimination diets, I'm finding some conflicting information. Some say it's okay to eat quinoa during the first stage of elimination, others say no. Same with brown rice. One said "all fruits except citrus," but that makes ZERO sense to me considering how many people are allergic to strawberries!

I also wonder about foods that are high in histamine, such as spinach and avocado.

Any advice, experience, opinions? Anything is greatly appreciated! I'm so confused!
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a few things I've wanted to say. [22 Jul 2011|10:24am]

Things I Wish More People Knew About Severe Food Allergies

1. Allergies change over time. You cannot go to the doctor and get a definitive list of what you or your child is allergic to, allergies are malleable. Some people who were unable to eat certain foods as children can eat them later in life, some of the time an adult will develop and new allergy. As such, no man woman or child can ever be 100% protected. I'd love to know why it works this way, but the research is only toughing the tip of the iceberg on these matters.

2. Modern medicine works extremely well to suppress allergic reactions. It's fast and effective. A child with a history os severe reactions will be safe if you know what foods to avoid and if they know how to detect the early signs of allergies. For smaller children being in the company of adults who can recognize these things is key. And having the epi-pen on hand.

3. If your child has had one severe reaction it WILL happen again. Just accept that. And it'sOK. You are not a bad parent for not preventing this. In fact, this is how people with allergies learn to recognize the things that can cause problems. It's gotta happen.

4. Tension, nervousness, and excited state where pores are open (returning from exercise for example) can hasten and worsen allegoric reactions. Panicking can make a mild reaction in to something more serious. Stay calm. Be cool. Don't make a big deal about it. Give benadryl if food will stay down, epi-pen if it won't, avoid calling the ambulance unless there is breathing obstruction. The loud noise and sirens can make matters worse! (and all they will do is stick your kid with an epi-pen anyway, books and such advise calling an ambulance no matter what, I think to avoid getting sued, in reality the extra hubbub can do more harm than good)*

5. Allergic reactions are not painful. They lust look painful.* The hives, swelling etc, do not hurt. The worst part is throwing up, and being embarrassed!

6. Please don't be the parent who forces the whole school to do away with nuts. Please, seriously. It's really embarrassing. Nut free options? yeah that's reasonable. You kid must live in a world with killer foods, I've done it for 32 years and counting. (yes I am allergic to 'dust' from nuts, I simply move away, or take a preemptive benadryl)

7. Also, Please don't be the parent who tells their child their allegory is "all in their head" if your kid says a food is making their mouth itch… that's a sign that they are allergic. It's real. Don't get mad at them or call them a wimp for not eating whatever it is.

Ok. that's all I wanted to say.

*there may be some rare rare cases where these ideas don't apply. but they are rare. it's probably NOT your kid unless he/she did not respond to the epi-pen. I have never heard of such a thing, but if that is the case I recognize that my adduce will not apply.
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Birth control allergy - Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis? [10 Mar 2011|05:01pm]

A couple months ago, I went to the doctor to see about getting on birth control. After a couple weeks, I began to get raised itchy bumps on my arms mostly, but also on my feet back and chest - only one or two have shown up on my torso or legs ... they itch terribly and don't seem to go away for about a week (and some seem to be scarring.)

At first I thought it was bedbugs or scabies, but the symptoms don't fit and after taking all the measures against them anyway, I realized it could be a reaction to the birth control. Ortho-micronor, a progestin only mini-pill. I stopped taking it, and they stopped coming for a week, but when I received my period they popped back up... and sorry if this is TMI but I became aroused yesterday (about a week after my period, could be ovulating) and now I have some popping up again.

I googled some things and came across something called Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis linked from an older entry in this community. Could the pill I was on have exacerbated this issue in me? I had been going to the doctor last year to find out if I had lupus or rheumatoid (both came up negative in blood tests although my mom suggests I should get a second opinion) and the next step was going to be getting an MRI to screen for Multiple Sclerosis. Are any of these things related?

You all seem so helpful on the post I found that I figured I'd make a post. I can't afford a doctor anymore nor do I live near enough to a clinic to fit it into my schedule, so it would mean a lot to get some advice before I waste time/money going to a doctor who may not even help.

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IgG food allergy testing [17 Jan 2011|10:41pm]

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the blood testing for IgG antibodies.  I'm getting it done in about 2 weeks.  My major symptoms are acne, bloating, and irritated digestion.  I am pretty sure wheat, corn, soy, and dairy are the worst offenders, and possibly peanuts and some other things.  I've been avoiding all of these foods for a while, but my doctor said I need to eat them so the antibodies will show up.  I feel pretty crappy because I've been eating the stuff I think I have problems with.  Does any have experience with this kind of blood test?  Any resources, like most reactive foods, or anything like that, anyone can share with me?

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Allergy Skin Test From Hell [13 May 2010|02:32pm]

Yesterday I had an allergy skin test. I was all prepared to have allergen droplets placed in minor abrasions on my skin, or to have to have little pricks with a needle.

I was not prepared to have 26 little circles gouged into my flesh until I bled. It turns out, they used a dermal punch on me to kind of score little circles into my back, about the size of a drinking straw. It was INCREDIBLY PAINFUL.

Everything I've read online since says that "allergy test are NOT painful" and "allergy tests involve a small pinprick" and so forth. I can't find one single example of where someone's allergy skin test involved a dermal punch and bleeding circles on their back.

Have you ever heard of this method? My doctor basically said this was an older method, and it was cheaper (cheaper than the method where an allergist actually injects the skin). But I can't understand why they didn't just prick my skin, why they had to gouge circle outlines in my back.

I'm afraid I will scar, in 26 places on my back. :( I'm pretty upset.

Anyone here ever heard of or HAD an allergy skin test like this??

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Allergy quiz. Great resources. [19 May 2009|03:34pm]


If you can avoid or reduce your exposure to things that trigger or worsen your allergy symptoms, you will experience much greater relief. It can also help to maximize the relief you get from any allergy medications you're using.

Here are several ways to reduce your exposure to pollen and get more allergy relief:

1. DO keep windows closed during pollen season, including your car – use air conditioning instead.
2. DO use a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter to reduce pollen and other allergens and irritants in your home, such as dust, mould, and smoke.
3. DON'T go outdoors on dry, windy days, and early morning (between 5 and 10 am), when pollen counts are highest. Plan outdoors activities for later in the day, when pollen counts are lower.
4. DO wear glasses or sunglasses to minimize pollen getting into your eyes.
5. DON'T hang out clothes to dry on the clothesline, since pollen tends to collect on them, causing you to bring them inside.
6. DO change your clothes and shower once you come home to avoid spreading pollen indoors.
7. DO try to eliminate allergens from your home where possible. Do not allow smoking within the home, minimize dust and eliminate pets.
8. DON'T take your antihistamines sporadically when symptoms are worst. Antihistamines work by preventing the release of histamine and its resultant symptoms. They are not as effective if taken after histamine is already present in the body. Therefore, taking them regularly during throughout the season will provide you with maximum relief.
9. DO take your antihistamines well before you head outdoors – just like sunscreen – to give them a chance to work. It's easier to prevent symptoms than to stop them.

You can even try out your knowledge with their allergy wellness quiz: do you know the difference between a cold or allergies?
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Cetirizine Question [08 Apr 2009|09:32pm]

[ mood | blocked up ]

Hi All,
I'm Ezz, and I'm new here.
I live in the UK and usually take those 10MG tablets of
Cetirizine every day. Up until recently they worked well, but now they're not cutting it.
I'm going to get some better stuff from the chemist but that won't be for a couple of days. Is there anything I can do to get rid of my snuffles,eye yukkiness and sore throat? Is this even allergy related?
I also have asthma and take clenil,serevent and beclomethasone nasal spray.
This is now driving me bonkers!

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Severe eye allergies PLEASE HELP!!! [02 Apr 2009|03:09pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

So I live in Austin, TX and have terrible allergies (particularly with the fall ragweed).  Anyway, I'm having chronic symptoms with my eyes itching since Sept. 2008.  I'm taking Clarinex-D 24, Patanol eye drops, veramyst, genteal eye lubricant, elidel, acidophilus supplements and cod liver oil supplements.  This is after seeing my allergist half a dozen times and getting cortisone shots in Sept '08, Dec. '08 and Mar. '09.  I usually get a shot of kenalog, but the manufacturer was shut down by the FDA for non-compliance with their manufacturing facility.  So last month I went and the doctor gave me substitute that lasted 5 days instead of the 4 - 5 weeks with kenalog.  I went back and got a shot of methylprednisone and this time it's effectiveness wore off in 14 days.  I've also seen my primary care physician, an opthomalogist, an acupuncturist and I have an appt with a dermatologist next week.  I'm even seeing a therapist to see if the problem is in my head.  My eyes are constantly itching and they are red and irritated to the point of not wanting to look at myself in the mirror.  I've been wearing sunglasses all the time to cover them up.  I have the ability to resist itching during the daytime, but I can't stop scratching them in the evenings when I'm sleeping.  My girlfriend wakes up in the middle of the night because I'm scratching them so bad.  I've tried wearing and eyemask and covering my hands with socks, but I either take them off when I'm sleeping or just scratch them on.

Can anyone give me any ideas as to what is going on?  At the very least I need some suggestions on restraining my hands when I sleep because gloves / socks do not work.

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Food Wheat Allergy Turns Topical? [13 Mar 2009|08:51pm]

I've been suffering from a mysterious reoccurring rash, especially on my arms and legs. Today I think I may have discovered the cause, but I'm really hoping for everyone's opinion on it. My food allergies include oats, rye, and barley. My reaction to these is days of vomiting, and my allergy was confirmed by a scratch test. I've been tested for wheat allergy by both scratch test and blood test; both came back very negative. Yet I have the same vomiting if I eat wheat. So I basically came to terms with the idea that doctors can't confirm my wheat (difficulty?) but that I am better off avoiding all wheat or traces of wheat. So I check my new bottle of body lotion and halfway down the list of ingredients is "wheat germ oil." I've never had a topical reaction to wheat before. This sounds like a likely candidate for the mystery rash-inducer, but how can I know for sure?

Also potentially relevant: I also have laryngeal edema from peanuts, cashews, and some supplements fed to chickens and present in some eggs, as well as nasal allergies to cats, cattle dander, mold, grass and oak trees. I used to have reactions from latex, and continue to avoid it, but have not had a reaction for years.
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Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis [07 Feb 2009|02:03pm]

[ mood | itchy and swollen ]

Hi! I'm new here.

I'm seeking out other people that have Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis. It's a rare condition where you become allergic to your own hormone levels.

Here is a brief explanation of the condition:
This rare dermatitis may be mild to severe. The dermatitis, which is inflammation of the upper layers of the skin, can assume a variety of manifestations such as blisters, including pompholyx, (a form of hand eczema), urticaria, (wealing in the skin), occurring because of released chemicals such as histamine from cells, that cause small blood vessels to leak and cause tissue swelling, erythema multiforme, (a characteristic rash and often blisters in the mouth and elsewhere), or as erythema annulare centrifugum, a type of scaling or nonscaling, pruritic (itchy) or nonpruritic, annular (ring like) or arcuate, erythematous (redish) skin manifestation. (2)(3)

APD is an uncommon dermatitis, characterized by exacerbations during the second or luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. In autoimmune disease the body's normal immune system loses its ability to recognize its own cells and attacks itself.

I'm having difficulty finding doctors that understand this condition, so I am looking for other people with tips, stories, and advice. I'd even start an lj community if I thought there was enough of a draw.

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semen allergy [17 Dec 2008|11:10am]
this may be a long shot, but at this point i will try anything

I have a semen allergy. after unprotected sex with my boyfriend my vaginal area becomes red and swolen, this lasts any where from 12-24 hours. there have been cases where i have broken out in hives after sex.
i went to an allergist, she really couldnt do anythign for me (they just dont have the equiptment) but she took a blood test and sent it out. they are waiting to get a sample from my BF (he is between health insurances right now, so we are waiting on that). as great as my Doc has been she has never seen a semen allergy before and is more intersted in the interesting medical aspect of it rather than the fact that i have a one in a million allergy and i someday want to have children with this man and im a little crushed at this news....
anyway im rambling
im looking for someone else who has a semen allergy. someone who has been through the ringer with it and done all the tests and been the guinea pig, if you successfully got pregant and had a child even better (but ill take what i can get)
i just want to talk to SOMEONE else whose been through this so i dont feel so alone.
thank you
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Itchy rash [11 Oct 2008|08:40pm]

Hi, there.

I'm a 22-year-old female with type 1 diabetes, and over the past week I have developed this awful, itchy rash. It started on my back and quickly spred to my arms, then finally my stomach. It itches horribly and is interfering with my daily activities/sleep.

I went to the doctor and he was convinced that it wasn't a reaction to something environmental (detergent, weather, etc.), but was either from medicine or food. He prescribed me 5mg of prednisone 2x daily for five days--I just took my 4th pill, but I can't say there's been much of an improvement.

I have not noticeably changed my diet, recently--I was drinking a lot of dairy a week or two ago, but he said he didn't think a milk allergy would manifest itself in such a way and so suddenly, with no other symptoms. I also drank a ton of lemon zinger tea, which could possibly include ingredients from the ragweed family, but that was several weeks ago, and I've barely touched it since.

The meds I am currently on: zoloft (for years), claritin (I've been switching allergy meds since I came to Canada and haven't been able to find zyrtec), lantus (for years), and humalog (I just switched to that a couple of months ago, from novolog).

I am trying numerous things to diminish this rash, including: switching laundry detergents, switching soap, not using fabric softener, thoroughly dusting the bedroom, avoiding milk (for the most part), avoiding gluten (that's a recent thing), switching allergy meds, switching back to novolog, and using medicated lotion several times a day. I have been taking scalding hot showers--which I know is bad--but it is the only thing that will abate the itch, and sometimes it is so bad for hours on end that I just can't stand it. Benedryl helps a little bit, but not all that much... I am currently taking it several times a day to get what little relief I can.

The rash covers my back, stomach (moving up toward chest), and arms and consists of very tiny pink bumps--there are many, many of them, and they all itch. I will head back to the doctor as soon as he is there again on Tuesday, but I cannot fathom 2-3 whole more days with this incredible itch. PLEASE HELP ME!!

(Also of note, tonight after I ate dinner, the itch got worse and I started to feel sort of hot, but it's possible that the meds were just wearing off... I ate both dairy and gluten at that dinner, though, because it's thanksgiving weekend so it was a big family dinner. I don't want to distract from other possible causes if this was just a coincidence, though.)
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Two questions: allergen free flights, and reactions from touch. [03 Oct 2008|10:08pm]

Firstly, I'm hoping to go on holiday to Germany next summer, which will entail a plane journey.  I'm also spectacularly allergic to bananas:  I have anaphylactic reactions from being in the same room as someone eating one.  Obviously, this makes sitting on a plane for a couple of hours a slightly risky proposition...

I'm aware that some airlines will ask other passengers to not eat nuts if you ask them, but I'm wondering if anyone's had this done for other allergens, too?  Obviously they should, but other allergies don't have as much of  a popular reputation for being super-severe with even trace exposure, so I wonder if it's actually the reality of the situation.  I have several other allergies, but nothing as bad as the banana one.

On the same subject, can anyone recommend any airlines who fly from the UK (ideally somewhere in Scotland or the north of England) to Berlin or nearby locations who are good at dealing with this sort of thing?  I'm going to book my flights probably in the new year, but I'd like to start finding out whether I can actually go before I do that.

Also, I've recently (within the past week, though I've had a couple of reactions from unknown sources that might be related before) started having reactions from touching stuff like the desks and computers in my university library and the lecture theatres, I assume because someone who's eaten a banana has sat there before and had traces on their hands.  It's more annoying than actually dangerous, at least at this point, since all that happens is my hands get hives on them and I get a little wheezy.  I assume it's theoretically possible for things to go as far as anaphylaxis only from this,  but is there anything I can do short of wearing gloves all the time?  Which I'm prepared to do if it stops me reacting, but I need something that allows me to write and type while wearing 'em.

Anyone else react like this, and how do you deal with it?

Cross-posted to food_allergies 

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introducing myself [02 Oct 2008|03:15pm]

[ mood | sick ]

I feel like the geek on those tv shows that's allergic to everything and has an inhaler all the time.

Read more...Collapse )

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any advice would be appreciated [12 Sep 2008|10:21am]

(Hope this doesn't sound small-time considering some of the other posts on here- I feel terrible for the guy or gal who can't eat bananas or apples- but I don't know what I am getting this reaction too, and it's bugging the hell out of me):

hey all,

I need any and all help I can. I, like probably a lot of people out there right now, am feeling like I'm getting *killed* by allergies. Specifically air-bourne variety (I'm guessing I am being afflicted by Ragweed, but I can't be sure since the Pollen count is supposedly low and I don't know what else- Mold maybe).


- Constantly running nose; it drips pretty much always, either by one nostril with the other breathing partially (and then alternating), or if I try to blow my nose I sneeze for about 15 times in a row. Then sometimes I just sneeze anyway.

- Sinus pressure; I KNOW this isn't a sinus thing, but I feel pressure all around my upper temple area, sometimes going into a headache (usually a headache comes from sneezing too many times)

- Red, watery eyes; this is sometimes more than one eye than both, but they get so red and irritated that they bring me to tears- and I'm not even sad aside from having this bloody mess upon me!

These are the chief things I have, and it rules my life like nothing else right now. I sometimes can't think clearly cause I have to anticipate my next sneeze, or I can just barely keep my eyes open from the pressure around my nose and upper facial area. And Sudafed isn't helping much anymore, nore that nose cream my old man gave me to try and spread around my outer-nostrils.

Any advice or help would be very appreciated, and don't say 'Benadryl'.

Thanks guys, guys.
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To latex or not to latex (banana allergy related)? [01 Sep 2008|07:17pm]

Today I got the results back from my allergy blood tests, and they were pretty much as I expected.  I'm allergic to soya, brazil nuts, apples (only fresh ones from experience, I've been fine with processed apple products), bananas and kiwi fruits.  My tests for all other nuts and for latex came back negative, and I've never noticed any problem with them, so I doubt they're false negatives.  The hospital consultant told me I don't need to worry about either nuts or latex now, and that there's no need to avoid them.

Of course, I immediatly indulged in some delicious almonds, but the latex issue still bothers.  My banana allergy is pretty spectacular - I almost ended up in hospital on Sunday because a colleague ate one about 3 metres away from me, and I've reacted without eating or touching them a couple more times in the past (and it's been getting more severe).  I know the reason they were testing for latex was because of the connection with bananas, so I'm wondering - even if I'm not allergic to latex at the moment, am I likely to become sensitised to it in the future, because of my severe banana allergy (especially in light of my cross-reaction to kiwi fruit)?  Should I be trying to avoid latex "just to be safe", or is it a lot of hassle to go to for nothing?  I forgot to ask cos I was too busy finding out about asthma meds :C.

Also while we're on the subject, the consultant also told me that, while it's theoretically perfectly possible and appears to have happened in my case, he'd never heard of anyone reacting to airborne banana proteins before, or at least never heard of anyone nearly going into anaphylactic shock from them.  Has anyone else here experienced a severe reaction to banana like this before, or am I truely a unique and special snowflake medical oddity ;P?

Possibly relevant beyond food allergies, I have Coeliac Disease, mild asthma (got diagnosed with that today too), and allergies to pollen (they never bothered testing for what kinds cos they were too busy with the foods :C) and dust.

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