Jack Gattanella (jcg_1984) wrote in allergies,
Jack Gattanella

any advice would be appreciated

(Hope this doesn't sound small-time considering some of the other posts on here- I feel terrible for the guy or gal who can't eat bananas or apples- but I don't know what I am getting this reaction too, and it's bugging the hell out of me):

hey all,

I need any and all help I can. I, like probably a lot of people out there right now, am feeling like I'm getting *killed* by allergies. Specifically air-bourne variety (I'm guessing I am being afflicted by Ragweed, but I can't be sure since the Pollen count is supposedly low and I don't know what else- Mold maybe).


- Constantly running nose; it drips pretty much always, either by one nostril with the other breathing partially (and then alternating), or if I try to blow my nose I sneeze for about 15 times in a row. Then sometimes I just sneeze anyway.

- Sinus pressure; I KNOW this isn't a sinus thing, but I feel pressure all around my upper temple area, sometimes going into a headache (usually a headache comes from sneezing too many times)

- Red, watery eyes; this is sometimes more than one eye than both, but they get so red and irritated that they bring me to tears- and I'm not even sad aside from having this bloody mess upon me!

These are the chief things I have, and it rules my life like nothing else right now. I sometimes can't think clearly cause I have to anticipate my next sneeze, or I can just barely keep my eyes open from the pressure around my nose and upper facial area. And Sudafed isn't helping much anymore, nore that nose cream my old man gave me to try and spread around my outer-nostrils.

Any advice or help would be very appreciated, and don't say 'Benadryl'.

Thanks guys, guys.
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