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Two questions: allergen free flights, and reactions from touch.

Firstly, I'm hoping to go on holiday to Germany next summer, which will entail a plane journey.  I'm also spectacularly allergic to bananas:  I have anaphylactic reactions from being in the same room as someone eating one.  Obviously, this makes sitting on a plane for a couple of hours a slightly risky proposition...

I'm aware that some airlines will ask other passengers to not eat nuts if you ask them, but I'm wondering if anyone's had this done for other allergens, too?  Obviously they should, but other allergies don't have as much of  a popular reputation for being super-severe with even trace exposure, so I wonder if it's actually the reality of the situation.  I have several other allergies, but nothing as bad as the banana one.

On the same subject, can anyone recommend any airlines who fly from the UK (ideally somewhere in Scotland or the north of England) to Berlin or nearby locations who are good at dealing with this sort of thing?  I'm going to book my flights probably in the new year, but I'd like to start finding out whether I can actually go before I do that.

Also, I've recently (within the past week, though I've had a couple of reactions from unknown sources that might be related before) started having reactions from touching stuff like the desks and computers in my university library and the lecture theatres, I assume because someone who's eaten a banana has sat there before and had traces on their hands.  It's more annoying than actually dangerous, at least at this point, since all that happens is my hands get hives on them and I get a little wheezy.  I assume it's theoretically possible for things to go as far as anaphylaxis only from this,  but is there anything I can do short of wearing gloves all the time?  Which I'm prepared to do if it stops me reacting, but I need something that allows me to write and type while wearing 'em.

Anyone else react like this, and how do you deal with it?

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