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in all seriousness

Itchy rash

Hi, there.

I'm a 22-year-old female with type 1 diabetes, and over the past week I have developed this awful, itchy rash. It started on my back and quickly spred to my arms, then finally my stomach. It itches horribly and is interfering with my daily activities/sleep.

I went to the doctor and he was convinced that it wasn't a reaction to something environmental (detergent, weather, etc.), but was either from medicine or food. He prescribed me 5mg of prednisone 2x daily for five days--I just took my 4th pill, but I can't say there's been much of an improvement.

I have not noticeably changed my diet, recently--I was drinking a lot of dairy a week or two ago, but he said he didn't think a milk allergy would manifest itself in such a way and so suddenly, with no other symptoms. I also drank a ton of lemon zinger tea, which could possibly include ingredients from the ragweed family, but that was several weeks ago, and I've barely touched it since.

The meds I am currently on: zoloft (for years), claritin (I've been switching allergy meds since I came to Canada and haven't been able to find zyrtec), lantus (for years), and humalog (I just switched to that a couple of months ago, from novolog).

I am trying numerous things to diminish this rash, including: switching laundry detergents, switching soap, not using fabric softener, thoroughly dusting the bedroom, avoiding milk (for the most part), avoiding gluten (that's a recent thing), switching allergy meds, switching back to novolog, and using medicated lotion several times a day. I have been taking scalding hot showers--which I know is bad--but it is the only thing that will abate the itch, and sometimes it is so bad for hours on end that I just can't stand it. Benedryl helps a little bit, but not all that much... I am currently taking it several times a day to get what little relief I can.

The rash covers my back, stomach (moving up toward chest), and arms and consists of very tiny pink bumps--there are many, many of them, and they all itch. I will head back to the doctor as soon as he is there again on Tuesday, but I cannot fathom 2-3 whole more days with this incredible itch. PLEASE HELP ME!!

(Also of note, tonight after I ate dinner, the itch got worse and I started to feel sort of hot, but it's possible that the meds were just wearing off... I ate both dairy and gluten at that dinner, though, because it's thanksgiving weekend so it was a big family dinner. I don't want to distract from other possible causes if this was just a coincidence, though.)
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