Katie (exteriorization) wrote in allergies,

semen allergy

this may be a long shot, but at this point i will try anything

I have a semen allergy. after unprotected sex with my boyfriend my vaginal area becomes red and swolen, this lasts any where from 12-24 hours. there have been cases where i have broken out in hives after sex.
i went to an allergist, she really couldnt do anythign for me (they just dont have the equiptment) but she took a blood test and sent it out. they are waiting to get a sample from my BF (he is between health insurances right now, so we are waiting on that). as great as my Doc has been she has never seen a semen allergy before and is more intersted in the interesting medical aspect of it rather than the fact that i have a one in a million allergy and i someday want to have children with this man and im a little crushed at this news....
anyway im rambling
im looking for someone else who has a semen allergy. someone who has been through the ringer with it and done all the tests and been the guinea pig, if you successfully got pregant and had a child even better (but ill take what i can get)
i just want to talk to SOMEONE else whose been through this so i dont feel so alone.
thank you
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