Mela Atkinson (fireincarnation) wrote in allergies,
Mela Atkinson

Food Wheat Allergy Turns Topical?

I've been suffering from a mysterious reoccurring rash, especially on my arms and legs. Today I think I may have discovered the cause, but I'm really hoping for everyone's opinion on it. My food allergies include oats, rye, and barley. My reaction to these is days of vomiting, and my allergy was confirmed by a scratch test. I've been tested for wheat allergy by both scratch test and blood test; both came back very negative. Yet I have the same vomiting if I eat wheat. So I basically came to terms with the idea that doctors can't confirm my wheat (difficulty?) but that I am better off avoiding all wheat or traces of wheat. So I check my new bottle of body lotion and halfway down the list of ingredients is "wheat germ oil." I've never had a topical reaction to wheat before. This sounds like a likely candidate for the mystery rash-inducer, but how can I know for sure?

Also potentially relevant: I also have laryngeal edema from peanuts, cashews, and some supplements fed to chickens and present in some eggs, as well as nasal allergies to cats, cattle dander, mold, grass and oak trees. I used to have reactions from latex, and continue to avoid it, but have not had a reaction for years.
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