Uncle Reuben Klopek (thiscantbesoy) wrote in allergies,
Uncle Reuben Klopek

Allergy Skin Test From Hell

Yesterday I had an allergy skin test. I was all prepared to have allergen droplets placed in minor abrasions on my skin, or to have to have little pricks with a needle.

I was not prepared to have 26 little circles gouged into my flesh until I bled. It turns out, they used a dermal punch on me to kind of score little circles into my back, about the size of a drinking straw. It was INCREDIBLY PAINFUL.

Everything I've read online since says that "allergy test are NOT painful" and "allergy tests involve a small pinprick" and so forth. I can't find one single example of where someone's allergy skin test involved a dermal punch and bleeding circles on their back.

Have you ever heard of this method? My doctor basically said this was an older method, and it was cheaper (cheaper than the method where an allergist actually injects the skin). But I can't understand why they didn't just prick my skin, why they had to gouge circle outlines in my back.

I'm afraid I will scar, in 26 places on my back. :( I'm pretty upset.

Anyone here ever heard of or HAD an allergy skin test like this??

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