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Running around New York.

a few things I've wanted to say.

Things I Wish More People Knew About Severe Food Allergies

1. Allergies change over time. You cannot go to the doctor and get a definitive list of what you or your child is allergic to, allergies are malleable. Some people who were unable to eat certain foods as children can eat them later in life, some of the time an adult will develop and new allergy. As such, no man woman or child can ever be 100% protected. I'd love to know why it works this way, but the research is only toughing the tip of the iceberg on these matters.

2. Modern medicine works extremely well to suppress allergic reactions. It's fast and effective. A child with a history os severe reactions will be safe if you know what foods to avoid and if they know how to detect the early signs of allergies. For smaller children being in the company of adults who can recognize these things is key. And having the epi-pen on hand.

3. If your child has had one severe reaction it WILL happen again. Just accept that. And it'sOK. You are not a bad parent for not preventing this. In fact, this is how people with allergies learn to recognize the things that can cause problems. It's gotta happen.

4. Tension, nervousness, and excited state where pores are open (returning from exercise for example) can hasten and worsen allegoric reactions. Panicking can make a mild reaction in to something more serious. Stay calm. Be cool. Don't make a big deal about it. Give benadryl if food will stay down, epi-pen if it won't, avoid calling the ambulance unless there is breathing obstruction. The loud noise and sirens can make matters worse! (and all they will do is stick your kid with an epi-pen anyway, books and such advise calling an ambulance no matter what, I think to avoid getting sued, in reality the extra hubbub can do more harm than good)*

5. Allergic reactions are not painful. They lust look painful.* The hives, swelling etc, do not hurt. The worst part is throwing up, and being embarrassed!

6. Please don't be the parent who forces the whole school to do away with nuts. Please, seriously. It's really embarrassing. Nut free options? yeah that's reasonable. You kid must live in a world with killer foods, I've done it for 32 years and counting. (yes I am allergic to 'dust' from nuts, I simply move away, or take a preemptive benadryl)

7. Also, Please don't be the parent who tells their child their allegory is "all in their head" if your kid says a food is making their mouth itch… that's a sign that they are allergic. It's real. Don't get mad at them or call them a wimp for not eating whatever it is.

Ok. that's all I wanted to say.

*there may be some rare rare cases where these ideas don't apply. but they are rare. it's probably NOT your kid unless he/she did not respond to the epi-pen. I have never heard of such a thing, but if that is the case I recognize that my adduce will not apply.
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