Noryndor (enlisted_smile) wrote in allergies,

Food allergy elimination diet?

I figured out this morning that I'm allergic to oats. I've been having problems breathing for two weeks, went to the hospital and my PCP and they could find nothing wrong with me. Every day from the time I started having breathing problems, I'd been eating oatmeal for breakfast. Yesterday and the day before, I skipped it... and yesterday I started feeling better! Yay! I woke up feeling fine this morning... then ate a bowl of oatmeal. Uhhh, not so fine anymore.

I have a lot of suspected allergies and intolerances. Gluten and refined sugar are among them, and I wonder what else is giving me issues. I'd like to start an elimination diet to pinpoint what I'm having problems with-- I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, IBS, and several other wonderful things, and I wonder how much of that is aggravated by food allergies. I'd like to go to a doctor as a starting point, but my medical is charity-based (I have no private insurance and do not qualify for state aid) and therefore my treatment is extremely limited.

Unfortunately, while researching elimination diets, I'm finding some conflicting information. Some say it's okay to eat quinoa during the first stage of elimination, others say no. Same with brown rice. One said "all fruits except citrus," but that makes ZERO sense to me considering how many people are allergic to strawberries!

I also wonder about foods that are high in histamine, such as spinach and avocado.

Any advice, experience, opinions? Anything is greatly appreciated! I'm so confused!
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