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suffering from allergies

I have all year round allergies as well as asthma. Normally my asthma only bothers me during heavy allergy season and sometimes when I'm sick. 

Well this heavy allergy season is for the birds!

I got put on singulair to help my breathing and allergies. loved it. 1st allergy medicine to work. Also was given xyzel. Did nothing. In between I still took benadryl.

I have this problem where my face swells up - mostly my lips.  

My doctor (allergist) put me on its brother pill accolate because it is supposed to help people who swell.  Well now my swelling has reduced.

We ruled out every food allergy possible.  I am at a loss. 

Right now I predict it is the medicine. Because I don't believe I actually had the swelling until I started taking the first pill. 

Did this happen to anyone?
I don't know what else I can take for my allergies. They are kicking my butt.

I don't know if the allergy shot would be the right option for me... does anyone know how safe it is in case I would get pregnant?
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