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Allergy Sufferers' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Allergy Sufferers

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mold elimination diet meals? [17 Jun 2008|04:03pm]

I am starting allergy shots and my doctor is recommending a mold elimination diet. They gave me a list of foods that I can't eat and I'm finding that list all over the internet, but I'm not finding any resources that have a menu or some meals to help me get started. I pretty much love everything that I'm not allowed to eat and could use some help.
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Sinus and throat problem - what does it mean? [22 Jul 2008|01:32pm]

This year I am worse than the previous one. During pollen season I've got awful sinus pain and dripping in the throat, so I had to take nasonex, which helped (against the worst sinus pain, but not completely heeled my nose). Now the pollen season is over and ... due to dust or the low amount of pollen, I am still suffering. I am off the Nasonex, I still wash my sinuses with neti-pot every day for several times.
But at some point (although nothing has changed in the environment) I have started getting more throat dripping and started coughing, which is really annoying. It's definitely better than pain in sinuses, but it looks like everything I get in the nose goes down the throat and the whole thing of "being stuffed and leaky" moved towards my throat.

I have no idea what it is. Does it mean that my allergy is progressing (although there are objectively _less_ triggers now in the air), or maybe it is some kind of my sinuses regress or something?

I also noticed that during this half of the year, when I started washing my sinuses, I don't get sick as I used to before. I did not have stuffed nose or runny nose because of a virus, while my family was sick (and I am definitely getting the virus from my son - I am breastfeeding him). I did not have any "real runny nose" for a half of a year, but only pain in sinuses or (more) sore throat.

I really don't want to go to the doctor now (we applied for an individual insurance), and I got really angry at him last time - I asked tons of questions, and he seemed to be in a hurry... basically he said - wait and see, I know nothing what is going on.

I was so afraid yesterday that I am gettng asthma or something, that I tried running (did not run for 2 years), and I did not get caugh after running for a mile, only my nose was "leaking" a little. So I wonder, could it be something wrong with my nose "construction" or sinuses, so I could hope to fix in the future? I don't mind having a little bit more runny nose, but I am sitting at my computer and coughing, which drives me crazy.
Are there any ways of eliminating the cough with no drugs? I found neti-pot useful for the sinuses, but nothing seems to help with cough :(
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anaphylaxis [16 Jul 2008|11:01pm]

[ mood | calm ]

So it seems that ive developed an allergy to aspirin(my doctor is the one who told me, when we were trying to figure out why that happened). I found out last night when my mouth swelled up, my eyes turned red, my throat closed up, the itchy skin, all of it; worst feeling in the world. But what I'm wondering is, I had the late reaction, so when I go to the allergist to get medications and to test it in that environment whats going to happen since last night I got the reaction ten hours later after taking aspirin. Usually when I've gone to an allergist the reactions happen in that moment. I can ask my doctor this but its late and I'm curious from anyones personal experience. I doubt I'll find any personal since late reaction is apparently rare, but I figured I'd ask anyways.


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Zyrtec and Animal Allergies [04 Jul 2008|12:49pm]

I am allergic to dogs and cats and have asthma.  I have been receiving allergy shots for the past three years which have pretty much stopped the allergies from inducing asthma attacks.  But I still have pretty bad allergies, sneezing, itching eyes, nose, etc.  I have OTC Zyrtec, which I used to be prescribed and am prescribed Albuterol and Advair for my asthma.  Does it help your allergies if you take Zyrtec every day?  I don't currently live with any animals and so only take the Zyrtec when I'm going to be around them so does it make any difference?  Also, I would like to get a dog at some point.  If I have my allergies under control and I admit to having animal allergies on an adoption application, will that preclude me from adopting a dog?

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Hayfever season. [20 Jun 2008|10:10am]

I am having very bad allergy problems right now, caused by grass pollens. My eyes are extremely itchy and irritated and it is very hard to stop rubbing them. My throat is constantly sore and red and I am staying indoors as much as possible till the end of the grass season.

I avoid taking conventional medicines for my allergies. I was wondering if anyone in this community has found any herbal preparations that have helped relieve similar symptoms as the ones I am experiencing. Also any homeopathy or even hypnotherapy solutions?

On a side note also, it's interesting that it depends on what part of the world you live in and the plants that are local to you, that are manifesting particular allergic symptoms. When I was younger I noticed that when I travelled to the South of France with my parents I would be totally allergy free by the time I got down there! whereas in England I would be feeling ghastly upon leaving. So I know that a Mediterranean environment would suit me better - just due to different types of grasses entirely.
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Anaphylaxis [15 Jun 2008|12:32pm]

I was rushed to the emergency room on Friday in anaphylactic shock. This was my first experience with an allergy of this severity. I've had eczema and contact dermatitis all my life but never anything like this. In December I woke up in the middle of the night with hives forming. In March I threw up and then broke into hives. I sought medical attention the first time and was counseled to continue the claritin I had already taken. On Friday I had stomach cramping then diarrhea then hives, I lost my hearing and vision for several moments but did not lose consciousness or fall down, then I threw up. All of this occurred while eating dinner. I didn't have anything that I hadn't eaten within a few weeks.

Friday night my husband took me to the emergency room where they gave me IV fluids, Solu-Medrol, and Benadryl. My throat did not close but it did swell and my blood pressure was so low it was not measurable. I'm on a nine day dose of prednisone and now have an epipen. I called my gp's office and requested a referral to an allergist. I won't hear from them until tomorrow.

What should I be doing now? Is there a way to narrow this down? Things I should be avoiding all together? Is there a possibility the allergist will not be able to figure out what's causing this?

I'm a stay at home mom and I take care of another family's children three days a week. I have contacted that parent and given her the option to find other care. What precautions should I be taking in case this happens when I'm alone or only with small children?

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[13 Jun 2008|12:33pm]

Hey. My name's Belinda. I have celiac disease, but at the moment I'm lactose and fructose free too!

I'm currently studying my senior year (Year 12) at school, and I need to interview people with allergies about how they feel they are being treated by the hospitality industry.

I'm looking for any Australians (particularly South Australians) with any food allergy (ANY!) to interview. No need for any name details, or adresses or anything (I'm not a stalker, promise.)

If you're up for it, please comment here, and we'll organise a medium of interview (livejournal comments, gizmo, skype, msn, aol, yahoo, jabber, phone, email, face-to-face, etc.)

If you think you can help with this, then I'm begging. Please.
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At a loss. [01 Jun 2008|09:51pm]

[ mood | sick ]

So, my bf lives pretty much out in the country, and I've been visiting him for a few days.  I missed a few doses of Beconase and I assumed the reason my allergies were giving me so much trouble was because of all the plants around (allergy tests have shown a strong reaction to grass and corn pollens).  But this evening we left his apartment and went for a walk around the village, and even though we were much closer to all the plants, I instantly felt much better, until we returned to the apartment.  I started feeling unwell again the second I walked through the door.

The only 'household' things I'm usually allergic to are floor cleaner and air fresheners, neither of which are used in the apartment.  Can anyone suggest anything obvious that I might be overlooking?

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[29 May 2008|02:06am]

Has anyone been using the generic Flonase? If so, what does it smell like, does it have the same scent as Flonase? Does it work as well? I recall trying some generic stuff a couple years back, it didn't work, and it was almost salty in feel, it burned my sinuses like ocean water burns your sinuses. I wonder if that was the generic Flonase.
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HAY FEVER=the curse [23 May 2008|11:15am]

i can't sleep at night! my nose is alternatively stuffed and runny and my eyes are itchy and swollen.  but the usual medicines like claritin and stuff work alright but make me fall asleep in class. everything seems to have some kind of side effects! why?!?

lately i've been getting into natural medicine (seems like there'd be less side effects etc) and was wondering whether you guys have heard about the connection btwn green tea and hay fever??

i found this site but has anyone tried it? or, what do you think about it?

feedback/advice would be much appreciated :)

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Make-up Allergie [18 May 2008|10:05am]

Hey guys!!

I need some help finding a make-up product that is hypo-allergenic and does NOT have the ingredients aluminum in it (eyeshadows). Do any of you happen to know of any? If so please let me know, I have been search EVERY where and can't find any eye shadows without aluminum.

Thanks. :o)
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Generic version of Claritin D 12 Hour [17 May 2008|09:32pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone has ever found a generic/store brand (CHEAPER) version of Claritin-D 12 hour? I use it for sinus decongestion, as a result of my allergies.

I have Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, Target near by. I can't seem to find the name of their store brand for this med.


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Allergy Relief Air Purifiers [10 May 2008|05:23pm]

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[24 Apr 2008|08:11am]

I've had seasonal allergies forever and recently started taking Lexapro and Topamax this year, so to avoid even more drowsiness my doc prescribed Xyzal.

Anyone currently taking Xyzal? How has it been working for you, and what are the side effects like?
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[20 Apr 2008|07:59am]

Dust Mites Trump Asthma Prevention Guidelines
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[12 Apr 2008|01:03pm]

I'm at a loss in regards to my allergies. I've had seasonal allergies since childhood, but never found anything that consistently helped me that didn't have crappy side effects.
So here I sit today, all congested and exhausted as anything. I know I should probably take myself to the urgent care facility to have them give me something, but I have zero faith that anything will actually work.
I've done the allergy testing thing, and actually came up not allergic in a histamine sense to much. Which explains why antihistamines have historically done little to help me. Though I assume they must help some, and I've been taking generic claritin for a couple of weeks now, and my eyes don't itch, but I'm still congested and exhausted.
I've done the nasal steroid thing too, which actually worked great, until I had almost daily nose bleeds. I stopped taking nasacort probably in early Nov, and only now has the skin inside my nose healed enough that I don't get regular nose bleeds any more.
I've tried using a neti pot, and found that all it did was clog up my ears.
I'm not even sure what else they can give me that would help. I know I need something.
I'm not really sure what I'm looking for posting this here, maybe just some empathy. Though I guess suggestions would be nice.
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[18 Feb 2008|02:43pm]

Has anyone here had an anaphylactic reaction to an allergy shot?

I had allergy shots for several years as a kid (in the early/mid 1970's) but my allergies have changed and my allergic reactions and asthma has gotten much worse over the past few years so I decided after much research to go ahead and get retested for allergens. The verdict was that I was moderately to highly allergic to just about everything they tested me for. Ironically the only things I'm not considered allergic to out of everything they tested was dogs and cockroaches (which of course then skeeves me to think of being injected with Essence of Cockroach, but I digress...).

Anyway, I decided to start on shots. They divided it into two serums: One for things to which I was more highly allergic, one to things to which I was less allergic, so that they could manage the dosages independently.

First shot, highly allergic side ended up getting a pretty big welt (over 1" a few hours after the shot) but I was overall fine.

Second shot, same dose, highly allergic side got barely any welt.

Third shot, SAME DOSE, highly allergic side had an itchy 7mm welt when they released me but not enough to flag as a possible problem. A half-hour later, as I was on my way to run an errand, I ended up pulling into a fire station and being loaded into an ambulance, heading into an anaphylactic response (throat swelling, face hideously swollen, body covered in hives and rash, etc.). 

That was two weeks ago. They told me to skip last week, and I'm supposed to start again tomorrow.

What I'm looking for more than anything right now is this: How the hell do I make myself go back in there and continue with this allergy desensitization program, when the idea of getting another shot sends me into a panic attack?

They've reformulated the serum for the high-allergens to a much lower dose. They plan to keep me longer. And I now know what it feels like - I won't go through the "gee, what's happening to me? could this be anaphylaxis?" questioning that I did two weeks ago, which *could* have led to my not stopping to get the immediate medicalI needed. I know what to look for. I know how to best keep myself safe. I know that MOST anaphylactic reactions to allergy shots are NOT fatal. I KNOW that anaphylactic reactions to an allergy shot are rare.  I still can't shake this need to scream, run, cry and go into full blown panic mode at the idea of going in for another shot. I know it's irrational, but still it's real. I don't know if I should force myself through it - be a grown up and all. I don't know if I should get some anti-anxiety meds and someone to drive me for the next few shots until the intense panic reaction calms down. I don't know if I should just bag it, accept that the desensitization isn't worth the risk of another response like this.

I'm not thinking rationally about this and I recognize that but don't know how to think rationally. I'm reaching out for help, in hopes of finding someone who has been there.

And FYI yes I have an epipen and know how to use it. And I plan to not go running off on any more long solo errands that have me driving through a mess of back roads after allergy shots - I'm going to make sure that I'm well monitored on allergy shot days. This isn't about whether or not I'm medically/logistically prepared to deal with another anaphylactic reaction. It's about the emotional response to the possibility of it.

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Long into/looking for advice [15 Feb 2008|08:02pm]

Hello all. Newbie to the community but definatly not to allergies. I'm looking for some advice/help. 
     I've always had periods where my allergies would flare up for a week or two and I would be draining and miserable and look like a zombie,but with the help of benadryl I was able to survive(and no it never made me sleepy).  I went away to college in Savannah this past August and it has been downhill from there.  First I though I had strep because my throat was so sore and I had trouble swallowing, but that was just all the draining killing my throat. Then around the end of Septemer I started getting short of breath. My regualr doctor decided I just had really bad allergies from all the pollen around the college. When it didn't get any easier to breath she thought I might have crossed over into allergy induced asthma. After a bad night of breathing troubles I went for treatment at my school's clinc where they gave me some asthma medacine that was like smoking steam kind of. They think I have undiagnosed asthma. 
     This past Monday my parents finally let me see an allergist. The skin test said I was allergic to basically all the grasses and some trees the most. I can still see the marks on my arm so I must be pretty allegic. The school's clinic recommended me to a pulmonary doctor next week to check me out some more. I've just been pretty stressed because I've never had allergy troubles this bad for this long. I thought I would browse the net in search of help.

So, after all that backround, my questions are: anyone have allergy induced asthma? If so,what are you doing to treat it?

What are you alls experiance with the allergy shots? My doc said I'd probably have to go on them eventually. :(

and has anyone tried alternate forms of medicine such as accunpunture or EFT? Did they help?

Thanks so much. in advance
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BIE treatment for allergies [07 Feb 2008|04:20am]

Has anyone here with an allergy or intolerance ever tried the therapy called Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination (BIE)?

See this site for info: http://www.inht.ca/

Apparently there are quite a few holistic allergists in Canada who practice this, and I'm thinking of trying it for my nut allergy. Would love some feedback from anyone who has tried it.
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Newbie. [18 Jan 2008|08:10pm]


I just found this community and thought I'd ask a few questions.
I just had my allergy testing done, finally.  You'd think it wouldn't have taken my doctors this long to recommend it, since I've been having severe sinus headaches and sneezing, itching, etc., for years!  Anyway, I found a really good ENT doctor, and he seems to actually <i>care</i>.
So...I have to start a candida/mold elimination diet next week, and stay on it for 8 weeks.  Anyone familiar with this?  I don't know much about it, other than it sounds like I'm going to be miserable!  If it helps, though, I'm more than willing to do it!
I also start immunotherapy soon.  What have your experiences been like?  I'm not expecting a quick fix, of course, but I really do it hope my symptoms improve.
Anyway....nice to meet everyone...

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